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Nov. 4, 2008

Lake Lanier could set record low in early December

Mobile, Ala. — Long range forecasts by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers indicate Lake Lanier could surpass last years low during the first week of December. The previous record low occurred on December 26, 2007 when the lake reached 1050.79. The current four week forecast indicates Lake Lanier could reach 1050.60 in early December.

“This forecast is predicated on conditions remaining the same for the next four weeks,” said E. Patrick Robbins, Chief, Public Affairs. “However, climate forecasts indicate we could be returning to winter fronts bringing rain showers across the region by the end of November.”

Since the beginning of 2008, the only releases made from Lake Lanier have been for water supply and water quality purposes below the dam.

“We have been fortunate that lakes in the middle and lower reaches of the basin have had significant rainfall which has provided the necessary resources to meet downstream basin needs,” said Robbins. “The long range drought prediction from the National Weather Service shows the upper basin remaining in a severe drought condition, but does show some relief in northern Georgia, eastern Tennessee, western South and North
Carolina,” said Robbins. “This will certainly not be a drought buster, but hopefully it will come to pass and keep the upper lakes from going any lower.”

There is still adequate water in Lake Lanier to meet water supply and water quality needs for months. It is important that conservation measures remain in effect until rainfall returns to normal and Lake Lanier begins to refill.






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